Music In The New Year

Well, it’s been busy – Music, music, music; Here is a taster:

Teaching The Elements Of Music: Who Said Boys Don’t Sing?

A few years ago during my Music PGCE I composed a catchy little tune to help my pupils remember the elements of music. I’ve been using it ever since, and it seems to be a success among my different classes (works for KS1, KS2 and even KS3*!). This recording (circa 2011) is by year 7 boys in an extremely underprivileged part of town, many of whom had not been in the UK for very long. They adore music though, bless ’em.

Teaching The Instruments Of The Orchestra: Chinese New Year

What better way to explore tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments than by improvising while playing them. Taking away the F and B keys from the xylophone/metallophone and leaving a pentatonic scale is a wonderful starting point for children to improvise, as they can easily make up their own Chinese inspired sounds on the spot. Add cymbals of different sizes and a double-sided drum and you’re on your way to China – Happy New Year and Gang Hay Fat Choy!

*KS = Key Stage (pupil age ranges)