The Ancient Man – Song No. 8

The lovely Ancient Man song’s solo is sung by 7 year old Isobel.

This week our funny little song is all about the Ancient Man – our ancestor from long, long ago. Scientists have lots of different names for ancient men and they have several theories about the human evolution and how we turned into the people we are today. There are also different ideas about where the ancient man used to live, but for our song we found a very friendly Ancient Man living right here in Crouch End, London!

And he even agreed to sing and record some of the song for us.

Here are the lyrics for you to sing along, and if you want to join in with the Ancient Man you need to use his ancient language, using the sounds ‘Bu-a’, ‘U-ba’ and ‘Aba-Nua’.




Bu-a Bu-a Aba-Nua
U-ba U-ba Ana-Bua

Ancient man was different than you and me,
Ancient man was hairy, hairy as can be.
Ancient man discovered how to light a fire,
Ancient man drew on the wall until his arm was tired!

Bu-a Bu-a Bu-a, Bu-a Bu-a Bu…

The Ancient Man and I hope you enjoy this week’s song – see you next week for a new Extinct Animal Song.

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