Extinct Animal Songs

This project is a happy result of two years, ten songs and about twenty beautiful voices.

Listen to all the Extinct Animal Songs.

In 2010 an incredible group of young children met up once a week over the summer at Daphne’s home music studio to learn and record original songs all about many different species of extinct animals. The children were between the ages 2-7 and sang their hearts out with amazing results.

In the summer of 2012 the project continued with all new, but equally brilliant kids, this time between the ages 5-9. These young musicians not only learnt and recorded more extinct animal songs, but also wrote a song of their own, created choreography to go with one of the songs and made some beautiful drawings of all the animals we sang about.

All of their work can be seen and heard on this website!

A huge thank you and well done to:

Biba, Cassie, Elinor, Ella, Ella, Erin, Esther, Freya, George, Hannah, Hannah, Isobel, Isobel, Lara, Leo, Maya, Mayam, Rosa, Ruby, Sam, Sophie, Sophie and Tallulah.

Listen to all the Extinct Animal Songs:

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