Magical Creature Songs

Daphodil Music is back with a second musical project for children, this time the songs are all about Magical Creatures.

daphodil music childrens music magical creatures       daphodil music childrens music magical creatures

Lots Of Fairies And A Castle  daphodil music childrens music magical creaturesThe Magical Creature Songs project began early in 2013 and we were delighted to have many lovely singers on board, some Daphodil Music veterans and some new comers, between the ages 6-11.


Fairies daphodil music childrens music magical creatures

Similar to the Extinct Animal Songs project, the Magical Creature Songs are original songs and were recorded at our music studio. The young singers attended sessions in which they learnt the songs and then recorded them using professional recording equipment.


daphodil music childrens music magical creatures

During the sessions the singers participated in many musical and creative activities such as vocal warm-up games, singing as a choir and solo (that means on your own!), composing lyrics and dramatic bits to go with the songs, creating choreography and actions to accompany the songs and lots of other fun things. The singers all did super duper well, and the Daphodil Music singers that took part in the previous projects have become professional recording artists by now, their vocal development, singing technique, musicality and self confidence have grown remarkably!

daphodil music childrens music           daphodil music childrens music

The Magical Creature Songs shall be released one at a time onto the Daphodil Music website along with exciting videos and beautiful drawings all made by the Daphodil Music singers. You can expect songs about your favourite magical creatures and maybe some you never heard of before!

The Magical Creature Songs project shall continue soon, so please contact us if you want to join the musical fun at Daphodil Music.

daphodil music childrens music london crouch end

An enormous well done to: Biba, Dylan, Esther, Flo, Freya, Hannah, Jonathan, Ruby, Stella, Tallulah and Tara.

Listen to the Magical Creature Songs that have been uploaded so far:

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