Here is what some of the Daphodil Music children and parents have to say about our music projects:

Our daughter has attended four Daphodil Music holiday groups and she just loves them. Daphne really is gifted with young children and has the most amazing ability to make music fun and build musical confidence. As Daphne writes all the songs and music the children also get to see the creative process first hand which is wonderful. If all musicians working with youngsters had a quarter of Daphne’s ability, enthusiasm and communication skills it would be just superb. (Rebecca Edge)

My son and daughter loved Daphne’s course, her teaching style was relaxed and enthusiastic which they both really responded well to. They really enjoyed learning the songs – which were simple and catchy and kept singing them at home. They especially liked recording the songs which gave an added excitement to proceedings, making it all feel very special! (Giovanna Iozzi)

The music Daphne writes is really beautiful and it’s lovely to hear the children singing it. Our three girls all really enjoy themselves when they are there, and are thrilled to be able to hear themselves afterwards on the recordings. (Deborah Crewe)

My two daughters (aged 6 & 9) have done three workshops with Daphne and can’t wait for the next one. While they come home chattering about how much fun they’ve had and what great songs they’ve been singing, I realise how much they’ve learned – about singing solo, aca pella, in groups; about tone, tune & melody; about the process & thrill of recording; and the power of positive encouragement. Daphne is able to absolutely bring out the best in the children she teaches. (Jo Tracy)

I’ve only been going to Daphne’s for two terms and I’m already addicted! I feel like it’s really professional because we get to use a proper recording studio. I can recommend it to anyone! (Hannah, 9)

Daphne’s singing is a fun, enjoyable class where everyone is kind and caring. Daphne is an amazing song writer; her songs and projects are fun, happy and clever. Daphne is encouraging and when recording she will keep you proud and confident. At Daphne’s you also get to draw pictures for the projects and write extra lyrics for the songs. I love Daphne’s singing classes! (Tallulah, 9)

Daphodil music is really fun and I like being with my friends and I just really like singing. (Ruby, 6)

Daphne’s songs are brilliant and fun to learn. Her songs are exciting. Daphne is fun and does fun stuff with you. You get to record songs. She plays games with you. Daphne is fun! (Biba, 6)

I really like singing and I really like animals and it’s just really fun. (Esther, 6)

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  1. Thanks very much guys, it’s been so much fun and lots more to come! Looking forward to hearing you sing again soon. Daphne x

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