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Hello music and animal lovers! It’s been a while since Daphodil Music’s last post. However, our music has lived on! Lately, some of the Daphodil Music’s Extinct Animal Songs have been featured in the WIRRAL SCIENCE UNDER THE STARS 2019 film titled — ‘Extinct is Forever’.

Watch here:

What a pleasure to see and hear so many children singing and enjoying our Extinct Animal Songs. Well done to everyone involved in the singing, we are very proud of you and are equally proud to be a part of your film and its poignant message! Save the animals and the planet by singing! What could be more fantastic than that?

Click here to watch the brilliant Extinct is Forever and keep the music and the animals alive by listening to our songs here. See you soon for more musical delights!



Musical Bumps: Pregnancy Musical Sessions in Crouch End, Spring/Summer 2014

Sing to your bump and newborn – join the musical fun!

Daphodil Music is launching “Musical Bumps” – a series of sessions for pregnant women who would like to add more music and singing into their daily pregnancy routine. It is widely thought that vocalising and singing to your unborn baby is extremely beneficial for you, your baby, your partner and the early bond you are creating with each other. An unborn baby’s hearing begins developing early and is fully functional by the third trimester, so getting comfortable with singing and communicating verbally with your baby can never start too early. It is also an amazing and essential skill you will take forward after birth and throughout parenthood and a great way to cultivate your baby’s musicality and love of music. Plus, it’s good fun!

Daphodil Music children's music thank you

The sessions will include learning a variety of songs and ways of vocalising that can be used ‘in utero’ as well as after your baby is born, getting comfortable with using the voice to communicate with your bump and newborn, listening to a range of calming music from different genres while rhythmically massaging your bump and exploring different gentle soothing sounds for you and your baby to enjoy together.


The sessions will be held in Crouch End by Daphne Sarnat, a fully qualified music teacher and certified Early Years Music practitioner (and also in her third trimester at the moment).

Times and dates TBC and can be suited to participants’ preferences.

If you are interested in joining please get in touch via email or text.



Hope to see you and your bump soon!



Daphodil Music Choir Performance – 16th June

Dear followers,

Don't Forget Them

The Daphodil Music singers will have their first performance on Sunday 16th June 2013 at 1pm outside the Crouch End Old Town Hall, as part of the Crouch End Festival Family Day Picnic.

Extinct Animals


They shall be singing a selection of songs from both The Extinct Animal Songs project and The Magical Creature Songs project.

Daphodil Music Extinct Animals


The choir participants are: Biba, Dylan, Esther, Flo, Freya, Hannah, Hannah, Ruby, Sophie, Tallulah and Tara.

We would be delighted to see you there!

Listen to the Extinct Animal Songs and the Magical Creature Songs before hearing them live, sung by the same children who recorded them!

With excitement and anticipation,

Daphodil MusicLots Of Fairies And A Castle  daphodil music childrens music magical creatures

The Daphodil Music Singer’s Live Performance – what a hit!

They all sang their hearts out, were confident with their solos, sang into the mic and were all super duper awesome! Well done singers!

daphodil music performancedaphodil music live performance  daphodil music performance 4

daphodil music performance 2 daphodil music performance Ts daphodil music performance solo

daphodil music performance 4 image image




I Can See Magic – Song No. 1

Dear music lovers,

We are very excited to introduce The Magical Creature Songs Project – Daphodil Music’s second singing project. This project is all about… yes, you guessed it – magical creatures.

I Can See Magic is the first song from the Magical Creature Songs project.

Sing along!

Sometimes I see things that no-one can see except me,
I know it’s magic and I see because I believe.

ChorusFairies daphodil music children's music
Up in the night sky I can see angels,
Even the dark cannot hide them.
And in my garden I can see fairies,
And I know it’s not just in my mind.
I have read books on dragons and ogres,
They’re far away but they are out there.
Witches and wizards walk all around us,
And I know they’re real because I feel them.

Sometimes I feel sad because my mum and my dad,
Can’t see these creatures of magic that make me so glad.

ChorusLots Of Fairies And A Castle  daphodil music childrens music magical creatures
Up in the night sky I can see angels,
Even the dark cannot hide them.
And in my garden I can see fairies,
And I know it’s not just in my mind.
I have read books on dragons and ogres,
They’re far away but they are out there.
Witches and wizards walk all around us,
And I know they’re real because I feel them.

Each week we will publish a new song from the Magical Creature Songs project, recorded by the lovely Daphodil Music singers from North London, between the ages 6-11.

Contact us to join in with Daphodil Music’s musical fun!

Until next week – keep believing in magic!


Music In The New Year

Well, it’s been busy – Music, music, music; Here is a taster:

Teaching The Elements Of Music: Who Said Boys Don’t Sing?

A few years ago during my Music PGCE I composed a catchy little tune to help my pupils remember the elements of music. I’ve been using it ever since, and it seems to be a success among my different classes (works for KS1, KS2 and even KS3*!). This recording (circa 2011) is by year 7 boys in an extremely underprivileged part of town, many of whom had not been in the UK for very long. They adore music though, bless ‘em.

Teaching The Instruments Of The Orchestra: Chinese New Year

What better way to explore tuned and un-tuned percussion instruments than by improvising while playing them. Taking away the F and B keys from the xylophone/metallophone and leaving a pentatonic scale is a wonderful starting point for children to improvise, as they can easily make up their own Chinese inspired sounds on the spot. Add cymbals of different sizes and a double-sided drum and you’re on your way to China – Happy New Year and Gang Hay Fat Choy!

*KS = Key Stage (pupil age ranges)


Don’t Let Them (Go Anywhere) – Bonus Track

Dear listeners,

This is the final song from the Extinct Animal Songs project. It is all about Endangered Animals and as the song tells us, these are animals that are in danger of becoming extinct, so if we don’t care for them and help them to stay alive, they will disappear all together. You might be shocked to discover that some of your favourite animals are endangered and might not be around much longer unless we do something about it!





Check out the Don’t Let Them Video Clip for movements and actions that go with this song, created by the Daphodil Music Singers:




We’ve got the panda, the tiger, the polar bear
Don’t let them go anywhere.
‘Cause if we let them they’ll never come back again,
And we will lose our animal friends!

The giant tortoise, the eagle, the albatross -
This is really making us cross.
‘Cause if we let them they’ll never come back again,
And we will lose our animal friends!


Thank you to the Daphodil Music Singers for doing their bit to save all the lovely endangered species by co-writing this song and singing and spreading the message!

This is the end of this project, and we had a wonderful time singing, recording, dancing, drawing and making music come to life!




There will be a new project very soon – if you are interested in joining the musical fun please contact me today.

An enormous thank you to:

The Daphodil Music Singers for your beautiful voices and hard work
The Daphodil Music Parents for all your support
To Udi for orchestrating, arranging, recording and playing gorgeous guitars
To everyone out there who has been following – thanks and please keep sharing Daphodil Music with other music lovers!

See you soon,

Daphne x


The Great Auk – Song No. 10

Hello music and animal lovers!

The Great Auk is the penultimate (before last) Extinct Animal Song, and next week will be the last song for this project (it’s actually a bonus track!).

But don’t be too sad, there will be another Daphodil Music project on very soon.

Please get in touch to become a Daphodil Music singer and be a part of the new exciting musical programme!

The solo this week is sung by (then) 5 year old Biba. If you listen right to the end you will hear another solo, by 6 year old Ruby, which is sung acapella-  that means with no musical accompaniment.

Did you know?

The Great Auk was a large flightless bird from the penguin species. It had very small wings which is why it couldn’t fly, but it was an excellent swimmer and spent lots of time in the waters of the North Atlantic.

They became extinct because humans used to hunt them for their meat, skin, beaks and eggs until there were none left.


I am skating on the ice,
Auk the great is by my side.
I am skating by the sea,
Auk the great won’t you stay with me?

La, la, la…


See you next week for the final Extinct Animal Song – the bonus track! 


The Woolly Mammoth – Song No. 9

Hello everyone!

The Woolly Mammoth song is sung by two wonderful 6 year old soloists – Ruby and Freya.
The lyrics (below) were written by three Daphodil Music singers: Biba, Isobel and Tallulah.

Check out The Woolly Mammoth Clip - of the Daphodil Music singers rehearsing before recording the song:

The Mammoth is the extinct ancestor of the elephant, and scientists were able to find out many facts about the ancient mammoths thanks to the fact that mammoths lived in cold and icy climates. Frozen mammoths were preserved in the ice in different places around the world and then found and studied. You can a mammoth’s huge skeleton at the Natural History Museum.

Did you also know

Woolly Mammoths had very long bushy hair to help keep themselves warm in the freezing climate  which is why they are called woolly mammoths. They also had extremely long tusks, that grew up to 5 meters!



Lyrics by Biba, Isobel and Tallulah


It’s a very big surprise
That he didn’t survive.
With fur so brown and tusks so white -
He’s always warm and safe in the night.


An ancestor to the elephant
He’s ten times bigger than you
The Woolly Mammoth is gone because
He became extinct too!

Woolly Mammoth Daphodil music children's music

See you next week for another Extinct Animal Song!


The Ancient Man – Song No. 8

The lovely Ancient Man song’s solo is sung by 7 year old Isobel.

This week our funny little song is all about the Ancient Man – our ancestor from long, long ago. Scientists have lots of different names for ancient men and they have several theories about the human evolution and how we turned into the people we are today. There are also different ideas about where the ancient man used to live, but for our song we found a very friendly Ancient Man living right here in Crouch End, London!

And he even agreed to sing and record some of the song for us.

Here are the lyrics for you to sing along, and if you want to join in with the Ancient Man you need to use his ancient language, using the sounds ‘Bu-a’, ‘U-ba’ and ‘Aba-Nua’.




Bu-a Bu-a Aba-Nua
U-ba U-ba Ana-Bua

Ancient man was different than you and me,
Ancient man was hairy, hairy as can be.
Ancient man discovered how to light a fire,
Ancient man drew on the wall until his arm was tired!

Bu-a Bu-a Bu-a, Bu-a Bu-a Bu…

The Ancient Man and I hope you enjoy this week’s song – see you next week for a new Extinct Animal Song.