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One of my favourite aspects of music is creating. Composition and Song-Writing are such an amazing creative outlet and I enjoy both creating and inspiring others to express themselves through original music making. I love writing songs for children to sing and enjoy, and always incorporate this into my music teaching.

Here are all of our Daphodil Music songs; Have a listen and enjoy!

Winter Music

Winter music

Hello Musicos! Before spring gets here, here is some Winter Music inspo for you.

Recently, I wrote and composed five original songs for a KS2 stage adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and took inspiration from a wide range of genres – from Film Music, to Pop, to Musical Theatre. Can you hear the inspiration behind each song?

These songs were so much fun to write!

The play is full of magic, mystery and intrigue. It also deals with good verses evil, anger verses forgiveness, darkness verses light.

The Island Won’t Forget. This is an introduction song, hinting at something sinister on the horizon coming to invade the tranquil, magical island where Prospero, his daughter and lots of other magical beings live.

Where Is Everybody. This song depicts the mounting chaos and confusion that ensues after the royal shipwreck.

Though Liest. The song is all about the darkness now descending on the island and everyone on it, due to past evils resurfacing.

Pray You Now. This song is about Prospero’s internal contemplations, the thoughts inside his mind. He considered whether he should forgive and forget the past wrongs made against him. The music is inspired by the Elizabethan style of music, which was the contemporary popular music during Shakespeare’s lifetime.

Lastly, Epilogue. This song is a retelling of all the lessons learnt throughout the play. There are many Shakespearian paraphrases as well as quotes from the original Epilogue from The Tempest. It also includes one of my favourite Shakespeare quotes (taken from a different play, but still!). The quote goes: And If Music Be The Food Of Love – Play On!

Next, winter music – some old instrumental compositions of mine:

While training for my Dalcroze Eurhythmics Certificate (dalcroze), over 10 years ago now, I composed Icy Snow 2. This is an instrumental piece to go with Plastique Anime choreography, where each instrumental part is followed, interpreted and depicted by a different performer through creative movement.

Creative Challenge: You can choose a part and try to follow it while dancing or moving creatively!

Soon after that, I wrote two more compositions: Rain and Bronzalactic. These pieces were inspired by a compositional tool called ostinato (and in plural ostinati), that uses short repeated patterns.

Creative Challenge: Compose a piece of music and use repeated musical patterns (ostinati) throughout your piece.

See you soon and keep warm!

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Remote Choir Tracks

Since March, it has sadly not been possible to sing all together in groups and choirs. BUT that doesn’t stop true music and singing adorers! The internet has been abundant with so many wonderful examples of how music can bring people together, even when they are physically apart. All you need is a backing track, a pair of headphones and a way to record yourself singing from home and – a virtual choir is born!

Here are some of the tracks I have put together during this time, homages to the wonderful music of The Beatles, Leonard Cohen and Kacey Musgraves! The vocal tracks I made were what the singers followed, and the remote choir tracks are made up of recordings made by the singers from their homes. Technology can be such an incredible tool. All singers in KS2.

Singing will get us through these hard times! Sing safely, sing joyfully, and share it with someone you love.

Take care out there.

About Daphodil Music

Daphodil Music is where we make music for children by children!

Run by Daphne, Daphodil Music is her innovative and unique approach to teaching Music to Early Years and Primary aged children. With lots of Singing and a focus on Music & Movement – our projects and courses are engaging, inclusive and fun!

Daphne’s Daphodil Music approach to Music and Musicianship is a fusion of well established Music teaching methods such as Dalcroze Eurhythmics (teaching Music through Movement) and the Kodaly vocal approach, with a fresh and original twist, incorporating Music Technology tools, recording sessions and so much more!

The focus of our music sessions is experiencing the joys of Music and its many life-enhancing benefits. With singing, composing, playing, rhythmic movement and exploration, listening, performing and recording – Daphodil Music sessions are filled with inclusive musical wonders for all. These currently take place online and in the Crouch End area (North London).

Daphodil Music sessions are run by Daphne Sarnat, a musician and qualified Music teacher (QTS) specialising in Music and Movement. Her teaching experience spans the age ranges 3 months up to adults and her work experience includes: Head of Department for Music, teaching Music in Nursery Schools, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Music and Art Centres all over London, as well as being a private tutor of guitar, piano and voice.

Her qualifications so far include:

* Dalcroze Eurhythmics Certificate

* Early Years Music And Movement Certificate

* PGCE Music (Outstanding) + QTS (Qualified Teacher Status)

* BA Musicology (Hons)

* YAMAHA JMC (Junior Music Course) Tutor Certificate

Listen to examples of Daphodil Music songs here.

The Extinct Animal Songs Project was our first singing and recording project in which twenty children between the ages 2-9 learnt, sang and recorded original songs composed by Daphne in her home studio. During the course of two years, between 2010-2012, the Daphodil Music singers participated in workshops in which they not only recorded the songs, but also wrote the lyrics for several songs in the project, made up choreography and created drawings for each song. We ended up with 11 wonderful songs and lots of fond memories.

The Extinct Animal Songs were recorded, edited and orchestrated in collaboration with the wonderful musician Udi Glaser.

Listen to the full Extinct Animal Songs project, we hope you enjoy!

The Magical Creature Songs Project is Daphodil Music’s second singing and recording project (2013), featuring the lovely voices of children from around North London between the ages 6-11. We hope to begin posting the new songs very soon.

Listen to more Daphodil Music recordings here.

Get in touch to find out about future musical projects and to join in and get involved!

Child Protection Policy:
Daphodil Music has a duty of care to safeguard all children involved in Daphodil Music from harm. All children have a right to protection, and all their needs must be taken into account. Daphodil Music will ensure the safety and protection of all children involved in Daphodil Music.

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Daphodil Music - songs for kids and children
Daphodil Music – songs for kids and children