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Hello music and animal lovers! It’s been a while since Daphodil Music’s last post. However, our music has lived on! Lately, some of the Daphodil Music’s Extinct Animal Songs have been featured in the WIRRAL SCIENCE UNDER THE STARS 2019 film titled — ‘Extinct is Forever’.

Watch here:

What a pleasure to see and hear so many children singing and enjoying our Extinct Animal Songs. Well done to everyone involved in the singing, we are very proud of you and are equally proud to be a part of your film and its poignant message! Save the animals and the planet by singing! What could be more fantastic than that?

Click here to watch the brilliant Extinct is Forever and keep the music and the animals alive by listening to our songs here. See you soon for more musical delights!


Daphodil Music Choir Performance – 16th June

Dear followers,

Don't Forget Them

The Daphodil Music singers will have their first performance on Sunday 16th June 2013 at 1pm outside the Crouch End Old Town Hall, as part of the Crouch End Festival Family Day Picnic.

Extinct Animals


They shall be singing a selection of songs from both The Extinct Animal Songs project and The Magical Creature Songs project.

Daphodil Music Extinct Animals


The choir participants are: Biba, Dylan, Esther, Flo, Freya, Hannah, Hannah, Ruby, Sophie, Tallulah and Tara.

We would be delighted to see you there!

Listen to the Extinct Animal Songs and the Magical Creature Songs before hearing them live, sung by the same children who recorded them!

With excitement and anticipation,

Daphodil MusicLots Of Fairies And A Castle  daphodil music childrens music magical creatures

The Daphodil Music Singer’s Live Performance – what a hit!

They all sang their hearts out, were confident with their solos, sang into the mic and were all super duper awesome! Well done singers!

daphodil music performancedaphodil music live performance  daphodil music performance 4

daphodil music performance 2 daphodil music performance Ts daphodil music performance solo

daphodil music performance 4 image image



Don’t Let Them (Go Anywhere) – Bonus Track

Dear listeners,

This is the final song from the Extinct Animal Songs project. It is all about Endangered Animals and as the song tells us, these are animals that are in danger of becoming extinct, so if we don’t care for them and help them to stay alive, they will disappear all together. You might be shocked to discover that some of your favourite animals are endangered and might not be around much longer unless we do something about it!





Check out the Don’t Let Them Video Clip for movements and actions that go with this song, created by the Daphodil Music Singers:




We’ve got the panda, the tiger, the polar bear
Don’t let them go anywhere.
‘Cause if we let them they’ll never come back again,
And we will lose our animal friends!

The giant tortoise, the eagle, the albatross -
This is really making us cross.
‘Cause if we let them they’ll never come back again,
And we will lose our animal friends!


Thank you to the Daphodil Music Singers for doing their bit to save all the lovely endangered species by co-writing this song and singing and spreading the message!

This is the end of this project, and we had a wonderful time singing, recording, dancing, drawing and making music come to life!




There will be a new project very soon – if you are interested in joining the musical fun please contact me today.

An enormous thank you to:

The Daphodil Music Singers for your beautiful voices and hard work
The Daphodil Music Parents for all your support
To Udi for orchestrating, arranging, recording and playing gorgeous guitars
To everyone out there who has been following – thanks and please keep sharing Daphodil Music with other music lovers!

See you soon,

Daphne x