Halloween Music

It’s our favourite spooky time of the year! Here are some scary tunes to get your blood bubbling and bones rattling…

zombie song, halloween music
By Eliya, age 6

First a throwback to 2017, when we composed these creepy tunes for Absolute Radio and their short film Morning Gory. Check out our apocalyptic zombie song Morning Gory – a perfect creepy addition to your Halloween playlist! Sing along using the lyrics below…

Featuring Udi Glaser‘s epic zombie slaying guitar shredding.

Morning Gory Lyrics:
The earth is churning and the graves begin to shake,
Our world undone as the apocalypse awakes.
The dread fills the morning,
Gory sights as the day is dawning and the undead rise,
I wanna run but I am frozen is there no one
to stop the end from closing in?

And the night is dark but the Morning Gory
How will we survive this horror story?

How long can living dwell as death spreads all around,
It’s not the terrors of the night that drag us down!
When first light falls and shadows crawl,
All hope is gone but through it all,
The fighting will not cease till all
Is consumed by hell’s fire.

And the night is dark but the Morning Gory
How will we survive this horror story?

To the blood red sky I lift my eyes
See the living dead I’m paralysed with fear.

And the night is dark but the Morning Gory
How will we survive this horror story?
And the night is dark but the Morning Gory
How will we survive this horror story?

halloween music for children

Next, a simple theme & variation for piano, which I composed for my Dalcroze Eurhythmics Certificate exam back in 2010, inspired by legendary John Williams’ beautiful Hedwig’s Theme from Harry Potter, (because Halloween is not Halloween without a little Harry Potter magic):

The different variations include playing the main theme in the bass line, changing from a minor to a major key, tempo changes, rhythmic and duration changes, mood changes, use of tremolo and more. How many can you hear?

halloween music for kids, halloween zombie song

Composing variations on a musical theme you love is such a fun exercise – give it a go!

Finally, here is our Halloween Playlist, with all our favourite dark tunes…enjoy!

halloween music, halloween song
All art by Eliya, age 6

Happy Halloween!

Daphne, Daphodil Music

Remote Choir Tracks

Since March, it has sadly not been possible to sing all together in groups and choirs. BUT that doesn’t stop true music and singing adorers! The internet has been abundant with so many wonderful examples of how music can bring people together, even when they are physically apart. All you need is a backing track, a pair of headphones and a way to record yourself singing from home and – a virtual choir is born!

Here are some of the tracks I have put together during this time, homages to the wonderful music of The Beatles, Leonard Cohen and Kacey Musgraves! The vocal tracks I made were what the singers followed, and the remote choir tracks are made up of recordings made by the singers from their homes. Technology can be such an incredible tool. All singers in KS2.

Singing will get us through these hard times! Sing safely, sing joyfully, and share it with someone you love.

Take care out there.

Daphodil Music Choir Performance – 16th June

Dear followers,

Don't Forget Them

The Daphodil Music singers will have their first performance on Sunday 16th June 2013 at 1pm outside the Crouch End Old Town Hall, as part of the Crouch End Festival Family Day Picnic.

Extinct Animals


They shall be singing a selection of songs from both The Extinct Animal Songs project and The Magical Creature Songs project.

Daphodil Music Extinct Animals


The choir participants are: Biba, Dylan, Esther, Flo, Freya, Hannah, Hannah, Ruby, Sophie, Tallulah and Tara.

We would be delighted to see you there!

Listen to the Extinct Animal Songs and the Magical Creature Songs before hearing them live, sung by the same children who recorded them!

With excitement and anticipation,

Daphodil MusicLots Of Fairies And A Castle  daphodil music childrens music magical creatures

The Daphodil Music Singer’s Live Performance – what a hit!

They all sang their hearts out, were confident with their solos, sang into the mic and were all super duper awesome! Well done singers!

daphodil music performancedaphodil music live performance  daphodil music performance 4

daphodil music performance 2 daphodil music performance Ts daphodil music performance solo

daphodil music performance 4 image image