Musical Bumps: Pregnancy Musical Sessions in Crouch End, Spring/Summer 2014

Sing to your bump and newborn – join the musical fun!

Daphodil Music is launching “Musical Bumps” – a series of sessions for pregnant women who would like to add more music and singing into their daily pregnancy routine. It is widely thought that vocalising and singing to your unborn baby is extremely beneficial for you, your baby, your partner and the early bond you are creating with each other. An unborn baby’s hearing begins developing early and is fully functional by the third trimester, so getting comfortable with singing and communicating verbally with your baby can never start too early. It is also an amazing and essential skill you will take forward after birth and throughout parenthood and a great way to cultivate your baby’s musicality and love of music. Plus, it’s good fun!

Daphodil Music children's music thank you

The sessions will include learning a variety of songs and ways of vocalising that can be used ‘in utero’ as well as after your baby is born, getting comfortable with using the voice to communicate with your bump and newborn, listening to a range of calming music from different genres while rhythmically massaging your bump and exploring different gentle soothing sounds for you and your baby to enjoy together.

The sessions will be held in Crouch End by Daphne Sarnat, a fully qualified music teacher and certified Early Years Music practitioner (and also in her third trimester at the moment).

Times and dates TBC and can be suited to participants’ preferences.

If you are interested in joining please get in touch via email or text.

[email protected]  

Hope to see you and your bump soon!