The Dinosaur – Song No. 5

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This week’s special Halloween song is The Dinosaur song.

The instrument that starts off The Dinosaur song in the electric guitar, and it was recorded by the brilliant guitarist and guitar teacher Udi Glaser.

The dinosaurs were a very diverse group of animals that lived over 200 million years ago. There were many different kinds of dinosaurs: some lived on the land, some could fly, some could swim and lived in the water and some were a combination of these. They also came in all shapes and sizes. Some were gigantic, others were as small as a medium size dog.



See the dinosaur roaming all the land, stomping up and down.
See the dinosaur flying in the sky, flapping all around.
See the dinosaur swimming in the sea, making giant waves.
See the animals run away from him – why are they afraid?

Because the dinosaur is the biggest one of all,
And how can an animal so big be gone?
It’s such a question!

*** Try making up actions and movements to go with the verse: find a movement for “stomping”, “flying”, “swimming” and “afraid” ***

Musical Challenge:

Go back and listen to the song “Don’t Forget Them” which is the first song of this project and see if you can hear The Dinosaur tune hidden in it.

Hint: It comes on when you hear the words “…gigantic asteroid that killed all the dinosaurs a long long time ago”.

People who study and explore skeletons and fossils of dinosaurs are called palaeontologists. Many dinosaur skeletons have been found all over the world, and you can see examples at the Natural History Museum.

Did you know?

The word dinosaur means “terrible lizard”, but actually dinosaurs aren’t part of the lizard family at all! It is believed that the closest living ancestors of the dinosaurs are the birds. Both the dinosaurs and the birds hatch out of eggs.

Did you also know:

Scientists believe that the dinosaurs became extinct about 65 million years ago because a huge asteroid (a rock from outer space) crashed into planet earth causing everything to shake up and many species of animals and plants to die out.



See you next week for another scary Halloween Extinct Animal Song!


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