The Woolly Mammoth – Song No. 9

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The Woolly Mammoth song is sung by two wonderful 6 year old soloists – Ruby and Freya.
The lyrics (below) were written by three Daphodil Music singers: Biba, Isobel and Tallulah.

Check out The Woolly Mammoth Clip – of the Daphodil Music singers rehearsing before recording the song:

The Mammoth is the extinct ancestor of the elephant, and scientists were able to find out many facts about the ancient mammoths thanks to the fact that mammoths lived in cold and icy climates. Frozen mammoths were preserved in the ice in different places around the world and then found and studied. You can a mammoth’s huge skeleton at the Natural History Museum.

Did you also know

Woolly Mammoths had very long bushy hair to help keep themselves warm in the freezing climate  which is why they are called woolly mammoths. They also had extremely long tusks, that grew up to 5 meters!



Lyrics by Biba, Isobel and Tallulah


It’s a very big surprise
That he didn’t survive.
With fur so brown and tusks so white –
He’s always warm and safe in the night.


An ancestor to the elephant
He’s ten times bigger than you
The Woolly Mammoth is gone because
He became extinct too!

Woolly Mammoth Daphodil music children's music

See you next week for another Extinct Animal Song!

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